We are creative problem solvers. At LOS & CO, we take pride in identifying and taking on the core challenges facing our clients.

We work to become our client's most important commercial partner by combining creativity, business knowledge, advanced technology and a strong network.

But what is creativity, really?

To us, creativity is strategy and advice that sees possibilities and creates solutions. Creativity finds expression in unexpected concepts and new technology. Creativity shows in surplus skill in every step, from concept to finished solution. It is design, communication, media advising, products, services and everything else that results in people seeing our work and saying: Why didn't I think of that?

After 10 years of creative problem solving, we've developed a strong sense of which challenges we can work with and which we should politely decline. By being selective, we allow our creativity to flourish not just conceptually, but in the real-world application of good ideas.

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The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has launched an important initiative to save lives through a national traffic safety campaign in collaboration with Los & Co.

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In Norwegian, a los (pilot) is tasked with guiding ships safely into harbour through difficult waters.

We work with strategy and product development for brand new start-ups. We make profile films for some of Norway's largest brands. No matter the size or budget of the project, we appreciate that each of our clients is unique. And we know that advertising alone is no longer the answer for all. That's why not everyone in Los & Co has an ad background.  And that's why we use our network to add expertise as needed.


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We do business in Skur 41 at Vippetangen, in a light and open space that allows for customers and partners to meet and work freely.


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Ten years with sea legs

In 2008, Jo Espen, Ragnar, Jan Christian and others decided to set sail and follow their dream of creating their own agency. They were inspired by the sea and the role of the Los, or ship pilot, who creates safety in difficult conditions. Ten years later, we are thankful to be named Agency of the Year for our work with clients. This recognition inpires us to take on new challenges and explore new waters.

Innovation and good ideas are important, but not enough on their own. We must also have the ability to commercialise ideas.

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«OneCall has succeeded in streamlining its marketing communications and presents its solutions as significantly more innovative than Telenor's» - Tor W. Andreassen, NHH

Ten years with One Call – learn more
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A voyage with Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast is considered the world's most beautiful sea voyage. And rightly so. But in recent years, Hurtigruten has expanded its product to offer worldwide exploration and much more than just front-row seats for the beautiful mountains and fjords of coastal Norway.

Hurtigruten: the world's most beautiful film set



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